Removal and replacement of existing 2nd floor beam. We recently purchased a house. The home inspection revealed that the distance between the walls/posts in the basement was overspanned. We wanted to install a steel beam, rather than break up the room by adding walls/posts or replacing the current beam with a 15″ glue-lam beam that would extend 7-8″ below the ceiling. Kirk Crighton was skilled and knowledgeable about the job, which I believe was a little beyond the scope of a basic contractor. Kirk indicated to us at the beginning that they were not the cheapest, but when I’m having someone replace a beam that supports my house I want to be confident in their ability, not focused on the bottom line. Kirk was available to answer our questions and concerns, and we had quite a few! He even put us in touch with the steel manufacturer so that my husband (an engineer) would feel comfortable that the product would be sufficient (it was).

Crighton & Cooper removed the existing beam and installed a 22′ steel beam — the maximum that we could get into the house. Kirk and his crew were courteous and communicated well. They worked at our house what I consider to be reasonable times of the day, 9am-4pm. I felt comfortable setting a code for them on the door keypad so they could come and go as needed. The project took a little longer than originally quoted (3 weeks, rather than 2), but for justifiable reasons and I’ve accepted that home improvements usually take longer than expected. Delays and timing were well-communicated. I appreciated that the quote included texturing and priming the entire basement ceiling for continuity. Kirk was also happy to accommodate scope changes for some finish work. Also, there was some damage to walls and a door, which were repaired/replaced by Crighton & Cooper. We would hire Crighton & Cooper again.